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Popular vote on 12th February 2017

Results at the swiss level

Date Object Type Yes in % Participation in % Cantons in favour Cantons against
12.02.2017 Federal Decree on the Simplified Naturalisation of Third-Generation Immigrants compulsory referendum                60.4                46.8 15 4/2 5 2/2
12.02.2017 Federal Decree on Establishing a Fund for National Roads and Urban Traffic (NRUTF) compulsory referendum                61.9                46.5 20 6/2 0
12.02.2017 Corporate Tax Reform Act III non compulsory referendum                40.9                46.4 4 22
provisional results

Source: FSO/election and vote statistics

On Sunday, 12th February, from 1 o'clock, regional results (by canton and by district) are updated regularly. Moreover, the results of past popular votes concerning similar topics are also available:

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