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Pratiques culturelles

Covid-19 infographics

Selected information on the topic of culture in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic is presented in an infographic (in French or German)

Medienangebot und - nutzung


Figures on the development of media supply and use as well as on economic and legal aspects of the media in Corona year 2020 (in French or German)

Film and Cinema

Film and cinema

New statistics on Video on Demand (VoD) and figures on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Swiss cinema landscape (in French or German)

Société de l'information

Information society

System of indicators for monitoring the new "Digital Switzerland" strategy (in French or German)


At a glance

Development of cinema admissions in 2020 compared to the previous year –65%
Average daily television viewing time in Switzerland (2019) 119 minutes
Share of households in Switzerland with internet access (2019) 96%
Percentage of the population that participates in sports, exercise or fitness each week (2019) 63%
Source: FSO

In this theme you'll find the following sub-themes and statistics:

  • Culture:
    Film and cinema
    Monuments and historical or archaeological sites
    Cultural behaviour
    Public and private financing of culture
    Cultural economy (also in English)
  • Media (traditional): press, radio, TV
  • Information society (internet) 
  • Sport (Observatory Sport and Physical Activities Switzerland)

These statistics currently mostly exist only in French and German.


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