Construction and housing

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Construction and housing

This publication presents findings from the annual housing construction statistics, the buildings and dwellings statistics and the empty dwellings census (This publication is only available in French and German).

Living conditions of older people in 2016

This publication takes a look at the living conditions of older people aged 65 and over. One in two older people living at home, for instance, are owner-occupiers (This publication is only available in French and German).

Construction plays an essential part in the economy and in ensuring that fundamental human needs are met. At the same time, building systems are becoming ever more complex. To have control of the built environment and to make sure that it is safe and meets people's needs, reliable statistics are necessary. We currently have access to reliable basic data on certain aspects of construction, for example the number of dwellings and construction activity.


Construction and housing - key figures

Residential buildings (2020)


New buildings with dwellings (2019)


Total number of dwellings (2020)


Newly built dwellings (2019)


Empty dwellings rate (2021)


Average surface area per dwelling (2020)

99.0 m2

Living space per occupant (2020)

46.3 m2

Average rent (2019) 1)

1,362 CHF

Occupants per dwelling (2020)


Occupants per room (2020)


Home ownership rate (2019) 2)

1) Confidence interval: ± 3 CHF
2) Confidence interval: ± 0.2 percentage points

Source: FSO - Buildings and dwellings statistics, Structural survey, Empty dwellings census, Housing construction statistics.

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