Swiss film and cinema landscape

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Film and Cinema Statistics 2018

The number of cinema admissions in 2018 fell by 13% compared with the previous year, mainly due to the 1.2 million decrease in admissions to American films. 2018 was also a disappointing year for 3D films which saw a 16% decline in screenings.

Vital Statistics

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Vital Statistics 2018

2018 was marked by an increase in the number of divorces. There were fewer marriages, registered partnerships and deaths. There was also a decline in the number of births including those outside marriage.

Swiss Health Survey

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Swiss Health Survey 2017

Over a seven day period, half of the Swiss population aged 15 and over takes at least one medicine. Compared to previous surveys, the percentage of medicine consumers has risen.

Tourist accommodation

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Tourist accommodation in 2018

The hotel sector in Switzerland registered 38.8 million overnight stays in 2018, i.e. the best result to date. This represented a growth of 3.8% (+1.4 million) compared with 2017.

Graph of the Week

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School attendance rates by age

How high is the school attendance rate by age? How does the value for compulsory education differ from that for upper secondary school and for tertiary education? See our new graph of the week to find out!


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Director General

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Dr MBA Georges-Simon Ulrich, Director General

“The FSO is evolving from a mono-thematic approach towards transversal thinking.”

In focus

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Experimental statistics

Experimental statistics are produced using new methods and/or new data sources.

Population census system

Population census system

From a comprehensive census conducted every 10 years, the federal population census became an annual event in 2010. An evaluation of this new census system has been carried out.

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Demographic trends

The Swiss education system is in keeping with the current trend and expected trends on the labour market.

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Mobility and transport: pocket statistics 2018

The brochure “Mobility and transport – Pocket
statistics 2018”  contains the key
facts and figures on transport in Switzerland.

Data Innovation Strategy

Data Innovation Strategy

The FSO has adopted a new data innovation strategy. This constitutes the first response by official statistics to the challenges posed by the digital revolution.

Multi-Annual Programme

Multi-Annual Programme

The multi-annual programme for statistics is a management and planning foundation for the long-term strategy of federal statistics.


Structural survey

The structural survey is a component of the Population Census and complements information obtained from registers with additional statistics on the structure of the population. In this survey, part of the population fill in a written questionnaire.

Language, religion and culture survey

The survey on language, religion and culture has the aim of providing statistical information on the current situation and the evolution of practices in these areas.

Swiss Earnings Structure Survey

The Swiss Earnings Structure Survey (ESS) is a written survey, carried out every two years in enterprises in Switzerland.


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