Costs and funding of transport

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Costs and funding of transport in 2015

In 2015, transport in Switzerland generated economic costs of around CHF 90 billion. This was 4% more than in 2010. Aviation (+14%) and rail transport (+12%) recorded the largest increases.


Bankruptcy Statistics

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Bankruptcy Statistics 2018

The number of bankruptcy proceedings opened against businesses and individuals reached a new record level in 2018. At the same time, total financial losses resulting from ordinary and summary bankruptcy proceedings rose by almost 20%.

Statistics on Swiss Towns

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Statistics on Swiss Towns 2019

More and more people in Swiss cities have graduated from a higher education institution: two in five people (41.3%) complete tertiary education. Married or unmarried couples living in cities are most likely to have the same level of education (56.7%).

Population growth

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Population growth 2018

At the end of 2018, Switzerland had a population of 8 542 300, i.e. 58 200 persons (+0.7%) more than in 2017. Demographic growth remained below the 1% mark, an increase comparable to that seen in the early 2000s.

Graph of the Week

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Growth of transport costs by transport mode

How did the costs for transport develop between 2010 and 2015 by mode of transport (air, rail or road)? See our new graph of the week to find out!


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Director General

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Dr MBA Georges-Simon Ulrich, Director General

“The FSO is evolving from a mono-thematic approach towards transversal thinking.”

In focus

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Experimental statistics

Experimental statistics are produced using new methods and/or new data sources.

Population census system

Population census system

From a comprehensive census conducted every 10 years, the federal population census became an annual event in 2010. An evaluation of this new census system has been carried out.

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Statistical Yearbook and Data

The 126th edition of this long-standing publication offers a collection of contemporary data from the 21 topics covered by official statistics.

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Mobility and transport: pocket statistics 2018

The brochure “Mobility and transport – Pocket
statistics 2018”  contains the key
facts and figures on transport in Switzerland.

Data Innovation Strategy

Data Innovation Strategy

The FSO has adopted a new data innovation strategy. This constitutes the first response by official statistics to the challenges posed by the digital revolution.

Multi-Annual Programme

Multi-Annual Programme

The multi-annual programme for statistics is a management and planning foundation for the long-term strategy of federal statistics.


Structural survey

The structural survey is a component of the Population Census and complements information obtained from registers with additional statistics on the structure of the population. In this survey, part of the population fill in a written questionnaire.

Language, religion and culture survey

The survey on language, religion and culture has the aim of providing statistical information on the current situation and the evolution of practices in these areas.

Swiss Earnings Structure Survey

The Swiss Earnings Structure Survey (ESS) is a written survey, carried out every two years in enterprises in Switzerland.


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