Agriculture and food

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Agriculture and food: pocket statistics 2019

The Pocket Statistics on Agriculture and Nutrition has been updated. It contains the latest data and interesting facts on the entire food supply chain and is available in four languages.

Supplementary accommodation

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Tourist accommodation in the winter season

In 2018, supplementary accommodation posted a total of 16.6 million overnight stays, i.e. an increase of 4.2% compared with 2017. With 11.2 million units, Swiss visitors represented more than two-thirds of demand, i.e. a rise of 2.9%.


Labour market areas

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Labour market areas 2018

The FSO has revised the definition of its labour market areas. Henceforth, Switzerland has 101 labour market areas. These living and working areas have been defined based on the commuting patterns of employed persons from home to work.


Juvenile and adult convictions

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Juvenile and adult convictions in 2018

A total of 1702 expulsions were issued in 2018. An expulsion was pronounced for 71% of convictions due to offences for which the legislator provides for compulsory expulsion.


Graph of the Week

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Age structure of Swiss nationals

What is the population composition of Swiss nationals by age and sex? Does a comparison of the structure of people living in Switzerland and those living abroad show a different picture? See our new graph of the week to find out!


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Open Government Data (OGD)

With Switzerland’s new OGD strategy 201923, responsibility for the operational coordination of OGD implementation at Confederation level now lies in the hands of the FSO who have created an office to this effect. Key tasks will be the further development of the reference platform,, where all open, freely accessible data from the Swiss authorities can easily be found, as well as advice on OGD for data publishers and users.


In focus

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Experimental statistics

Experimental statistics are produced using new methods and/or new data sources.

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Research and development

Switzerland dedicated CHF 22.6 billion to research and development (R&D) in 2017, 2% more than in 2015, the year of the last survey.

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Statistical Yearbook and Data

The 126th edition of this long-standing publication offers a collection of contemporary data from the 21 topics covered by official statistics.

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Mobility and transport: pocket statistics 2018

The brochure “Mobility and transport – Pocket
statistics 2018”  contains the key
facts and figures on transport in Switzerland.

Data Innovation Strategy

Data Innovation Strategy

The FSO has adopted a new data innovation strategy. This constitutes the first response by official statistics to the challenges posed by the digital revolution.

Multi-Annual Programme

Multi-Annual Programme

The multi-annual programme for statistics is a management and planning foundation for the long-term strategy of federal statistics.


Language, religion and culture survey

The survey on language, religion and culture has the aim of providing statistical information on the current situation and the evolution of practices in these areas.

Swiss Earnings Structure Survey

The Swiss Earnings Structure Survey (ESS) is a written survey, carried out every two years in enterprises in Switzerland.


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