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Gross Domestic Product

Information on gross domestic product (GDP) and its distribution according to three approaches, as well as per capital GDP

Gross domestic product per canton and region

Regional indicators: GDP by major region and canton, GVA by canton and economic activity, cantonal per capita GDP

Overview of the national economy (in millions of Swiss francs, at current prices)
Main indicators of the national accounts 2014p 2015p
GDP at current prices 643 784 645 556
GDP per capita (in Swiss francs) 78 619 77 943
Gross national income (GNI) 649 803 660 333
Final consumption expenditure of households 347 311 348 133
Final consumption expenditure of the government 71 974 73 113
Savings of households 87 324 81 651
Disposable income of households 392 214 386 585
Trade balance 75 912 75 618
p: provisional Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office, National Accounts; Federal Customs Administration, Foreign trade statistics

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National accounts

Information on economic growth in Switzerland and the cantons, macroeconomic aggregates, sectors and economic activities.

Input-Output Tables

Input-output table, supply table, use table, circular flow of goods and services

Capital stock

Information on non-financial net capital stock

Financial Accounts

Short description of financial accounts and the link to the Swiss National Bank website

Satellite accounts

Information on the satellite accounts


Labour productivity, capital productivity and multifactor productivity

Balance of payments

Short description of the balance of payments and link to the Swiss National Bank website


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