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Upper secondary first qualification rate

In 2015, 90.9% of young people had obtained an upper secondary level qualification by the age of 25. For Swiss nationals born in Switzerland, this percentage was 94.0%. Considerable differences were seen between the sexes, migrant status, commune types, language regions and cantons. Regardless of the region considered, qualification rates in the cities were comparatively low.

The main figures

Overview 2015/16 - Educational levels
  Learners Teachers
  Total Total 6) Total 6)
Compulsory education                   (incl. kindergarten / first learning cycle) 928'268 1) 91'219 2) 9'759 1)
Upper secondary level               
365'171 29'014 3) 838
Tertiary level                              Professional education and training (PET) and universities
295'353 29'628 4) 5)   408
1) Special education programme included
2) Public schools only, without special education programme
3) Public schools only
4) Professional education and training: only public PET colleges
5) University teachers are counted on the 31.12. of a given year (here 2016).
6) Schools offering a teaching programme over several educational levels as well as teachers teaching at several educational levels are counted for each level. This means that double counting is possible.
Sources: FSO - Learners (pupils and students, schooling and vocational / professional education and training), Students and degrees of higher education institutions, School staff, University staff, Educational institutions

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