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There are some 10 400 public and private educational institutions in Switzerland, across all level of education.

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Public sector schools account for the majority of schools in compulsory education. The private sector share makes up 43% at upper secondary level and 60% at tertiary level.

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The educational institutions statistics include schools from primary level to tertiary level. Any educational site attended by pupils/students is considered as a school.

In the total by educational level, a school offering several educational levels is counted for each degree, but it is only once in the general total.

Educational institutions, 2016/17
Educational level Total 1) Private sector 2), in %
Primary level 1-2 3) 5 414 6.3
Primary level 3-8 and lower secondary level 6 120 12.2
Upper secondary level  842 42.9
Tertiary level (professional education and training (PET) and higher education institutions)  402 60.2
1) The total corresponds to the number of educational sites (buildings) where at least one person in education was enrolled in the educational level considered. The higher education institutions are an exception because they are defined here at the administrative level and not according to the different educational sites.
2) Government dependent private and independent private educational institutions
3) Kindergarten, first learning cycle years 1-2

Source: FSO - Educational institutions statistics (SBI)
Updated: March 2018

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