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There are some 10,600 public and private educational institutions in Switzerland.

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Public sector schools account for the majority of schools in compulsory education. The private sector share makes up 44% at upper secondary level and almost 60% at tertiary level.

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The educational institutions statistics include schools from primary level 1-2 (kindergarten/first learning cycle years 1-2) to tertiary level.

As school is considered any educational site attended by pupils/students. In the statistic of the educational institutions, schools offering a teaching programme over several educational levels are counted for each level. This means that double counting is possible.

Educational institutions, 2015-16
Educational level Total
Private sector2 %
Primary level 1-21 level 5'454 6.3
Primary level 3-8 and lower secondary level 6'198 12.1
Upper secondary level 838
Tertiary level (professional education and training (PET) and higher education institutions) 408 59.6
1) Kindergarten, first learning cycle years 1-2
2) Government dependent private and independent private educational institutions
Source: FSO - Educational institutions statistics
Updated: April 2017

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