Data Science Competence Center DSCC

The Data Science Competence Center (DSCC) is a service provider within the federal administration and as such, provides data science and artificial intelligence (AI) services and expertise to the entire Swiss public sector and administration (Confederation, cantons and communes). The competence center builds on the existing synergies of an interconnected network of academic partners, in close collaboration with the public research and development sector, to provide state-of-the-art data science expertise.

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The Data Science Competence Center (DSCC) in the public Swiss data science ecosystem.
CNAI: Competence Network for Artificial Intelligence.

Data science in brief

Data science is the science of learning from data (or making sense of data), with the aim of gaining insights from data in order to  facilitate data-driven decision-making. Data science covers the entire process of problem formulation, data collection, data selection, data preparation, data analysis, evaluation, interpretation, communication and provision of the findings. At the heart of data science is thus a problem-solving process and a process of continuous improvement that aims to solve complex, unstructured and data-rich problems through the rigorous application of innovative data science methods (e.g. methods from machine learning and the field of artificial intelligence), techniques and practices.

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Data science is a rigorous and documented process of data-driven problem-solving and continuous improvement.


We use data science and develop skills for the public good in the whole of Switzerland.


We work at the crossroads between data science and artificial intelligence. We build skills and apply the appropriate methods, techniques and practices to obtain a new understanding and to improve decision-making for the public good.

Our core values

Our core values are information security, data and information protection, data security, data governance, non-discrimination, explainability, traceability, transparency, reproducibility, neutrality, objectivity and ethical handling of data and results and public confidence in the implementation of all the data science services.

For example, the results of the individual projects (as far as permitted by data protection laws and other provisions) are documented in a transparent manner and made available.

The Data Science Competence Center (DSCC) thus strives to generate value in a sustainable way.

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