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New pensions statistics

New pensions statistics. Presentation of initial findings

In 2015 approximately 33,000 persons obtained an old-age pension for the first time from the occupational pension fund (2nd pillar), while some 41,000 persons received a lump-sum withdrawal from their 2nd pillar retirement savings. Men received far higher benefits from the 2nd pillar than women…

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20.10.2017: European Statistics Day

At the initiative of the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) and with the support of the members of the European Statistical System and the European System of Central Banks, the European Statistics Day will be celebrated by the European statistical community on 20 October.

Schweizer Statistiktage (teaser)

20./21.11.2017: Yearly Statistical Meeting

The Swiss Statistical Society organizes a Meeting each fall in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO) and the Swiss Conference of regional statistical offices (CORSTAT).

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