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Language survey 2019: first results

What percentage of the population regularly uses several languages? How has use of the national languages in Switzerland changed in recent years? What is the situation of non-national languages? Which population groups speak several languages? Which languages are learned in Switzerland and why?

The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) will answer these questions at the press conference, which will be streamed live online. It will also be an opportunity to draw attention to the particularly Swiss aspects of multilingualism, thanks to the first findings from the FSO's language, religion and culture survey (website).

Monday, 25 January 2021
Federal Palace Media Centre
Conference room N-2, Bundesgasse 8-12, Bern
9:30 to 10:30am

Georges-Simon Ulrich, Director General, FSO
Maik Roth, Demography and Migration Section
Fiona Müller, Demography and Migration Section

Urs Frei Communication/Publishing Division

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Media Service
Tel. 058 463 60 13

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, only journalists accredited with the Federal Palace (holding a type C badge) may attend this press conference. Other media representatives will be able to follow the conference live on the FSO’s interactive YouTube page.  Journalists without accreditation wishing to ask the participants questions directly during the questions and answers session should call 058 310 50 00. Accredited journalists can join using their existing personal login.

Documentation will be available from 25 January at 9:30am at

17 videos of 17 seconds on the 17 SDGs

As part of Road to Bern leading to the United Nations World Data Forum, the FSO offers you a series of 17 video teasers – each lasting 17 seconds – on the 17 sustainable development goals. Official statistics are crucial for measuring progress in all areas covered by 2030 Agenda. The staff at the Federal Statistical Office would like to draw your attention to these key figures.  

COVID-19 pandemic

In times of a pandemic, official statistics assumes a key role as the basis for fact-based decision-making more than ever before. A special website therefore highlights the most important statistics in the current situation. In addition, the FSO has also published various experimental statistics over the past few months. These enhance the picture in the field of mortality monitoring with data at the level of the major regions and cantons and offer insights into the use of the SwissCovid App.

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