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Land use statistics: New results for whole of Switzerland
Settlements continue to grow, but at a slower pace

25.11.2021 - Switzerland's settlement and urban areas have expanded by a further 181 km2 in the last ten years, which is twice the area of Lake Zurich. Compared with previous decades, however, settlement growth has slowed down slightly. Forests have also expanded, but only in the mountains. Like settlements, they have grown primarily at the expense of agricultural area. In the high mountain regions, glaciers have continued to shrink unabatedly. These are the latest findings from the land use statistics of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

Watch the livestream of the press conference here!

And here you can find the explanatory video with FSO Director Georges-Simon Ulrich and the research assistant from the Geoinformation section, Michèle Gillard.  

Covid-19 pandemic

In times of a pandemic, official statistics assumes a key role as the basis for fact-based decision-making more than ever before. A special website therefore highlights the most important statistics in the current situation. In addition, the FSO has also published various experimental statistics. These enhance for example the picture in the field of mortality monitoring with data at the level of the major regions and cantons and offer insights into the use of the SwissCovid App.

Specific methodological notices for the various death statistics at federal level can be found here.

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