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In 2020, the PCS published results on cybercrime for the first time. The police registered almost 24 400 offences with a “digital” component.

Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice

In 2019, 13 252 sentences and measures have been implemented. 68% of persons have been incarcerated, 29% provided a community service and 3% have served their sentence under electronic surveillance.

Criminal justice

In 2019 the number of juvenile convictions increased to 14 773 cases according to the juvenile conviction statistics (+6%). For adult convictions, numbers stagnated with just under 110 000 convictions.

Assistance to victims

In 2020, CHF 5.3 million was paid out to crime victims by the compensation authorities and the victim consultation centres provided consultations in 43 263 cases.

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Offences of the Criminal Code, the Narcotics Act and the Foreign Nationals and Integration Act, accused persons and victims

Criminal justice

Convictions of minors and adults, convicted persons, sanctions and pre-trial detention

Execution of Penal Sentences and Justice

Juveniles placed, detained adults, community service, electronic monitoring and probation assistance

Assistance to victims

Victims of crime who contact support services for help or receive compensation from cantonal damages and compensation authorities


Figures on relapse as re-condemn after conviction or dismissal from the execution of a sentence


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