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In 2015, the number of burglaries is 42 416 denunciations, a decrease of 19% compared to 2014. Offences under the federal law on narcotic drugs and the federal law on foreigners increase of 6.3 respectively 6.7%.  

In 2015, 12 818 sentences and measures have been implemented. 72% of persons have been incarcerated, 26% provided a community service and 2% have served their sentence under electronic surveillance.

Criminal justice

In 2015 a total of 12 100 juvenile convictions were passed. This corresponds to a decline of 2% compared with the previous year. In the same year, 108 500 adult convictions were recorded in the register of convictions. This corresponds to a decline of 3% compared with the previous year.

In 2015, people recognized as victims of an infraction received 1.3 million francs as compensation and for 4.8 million francs for moral damages.

The main figures

Persons suspected and convicted according to Penal Code 2015
  Male Female
Suspected persons according to Penal code
58 750 18 300
Convicted persons according to Penal code   29 996 7 134
Sources: FSO - Police crime statistics PCS - Criminal Convictions statistic SUS - Juvenile convictions statistics JUSUS
Juveniles in secured accommodation on reference day 2016
  Male Female
Juveniles in secured accommodation 415 62
Source: FSO - Reference day survey of juvenile detention SJS
Adult inmates on the reference day 2016
  Male Female
Population of penal institutions 6 528
Source: FSO - Statistics on convictions and persons serving prison sentences FHE

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