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In 2016 the number of juvenile convictions remained stable overall with 12,090 cases according to the juvenile conviction statistics. For adult convictions, numbers stagnated with just under 110,000 convictions.

Convicted persons

The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) is publishing figures on the nationality of convicted persons for the first time. A distinction is made here between persons residing in Switzerland in the long-term (Swiss and foreign nationals with a B or C permit) and other categories of foreign nationals.

At a glance

Key figures for juvenile and adult criminal justice, 2017
  Convictions Convicted persons
  Minors1 Adults2 Minors1 Adults2
Judgments / Convictions
Total 12 330 105 365 11 096 96 171
By sex        


* * 8 920 79 415


* * 2 176 16 756
By act        

by SCC

6 387 34 269 5 957 31 293

by RTA

1 262 55 913 1 225 53 447

by NarcA (drug dealing)

815 6 363 800 6 020

by FNA

532 17 094 493 14 776
Main sanction3        
Custodial sentence 762 11 418 * *

of which suspended

493 2 414 * *
Monetary penalty * 91 446 * *

of which suspended

* 74 006 * *
Employment in community service / personal work 5 700 2 201 * *

of which suspended

479 1 233 * *
Fine 2 318 164 * *
Caution 3 136 * * *
Single measure 23 80 * *
Exemption from punishment 391 * * *
¹ For juvenile convictions felonies, misdemeanours and contraventions are taken into account.
² For adults only felonies and misdemeanours are included, because contraventions are only recorded in the register of convictions as an exception.
³ One main sanction is established per verdict and this is the only one shown in the table. For this reason sanctions are ranked according to their severity and only the most severe sanction is shown. A custodial sentence is considered to be the most severe sanction for minors, followed by personal performance, fines, cautions and lastly exemption from punishment. For adults, custodial sentence is considered to be the most severe sanction, followed by financial penalties, community service, fines and measures.

SCC: Swiss Criminal Code
RTA: Road Traffic Act
NarcA: Narcotics Act
FNA: Foreign Nationals Act
Statistics on criminal conviction of minors (JUSUS), state of the database: 25.05.2018
Criminal conviction statistics (SUS), state of the Register of Criminal Conduct: 30.04.2018

The juvenile conviction statistics and the conviction statistics (adults) allow analyses to be made by conviction and by convicted persons. In addition to providing details on convicted persons, information is available on the offences and on the pronounced sanctions.

The juvenile convictions statistics (JUSUS) shows all convictions of juveniles which contain an offence against the Criminal Code, the Aliens Act and the Narcotics Act or a felony or misdemeanour against the Road Traffic Act. The juvenile conviction statistics has existed in its present form since 1999.

The conviction statistics (SUS) shows all convictions of adults recorded in the register of convictions which were pronounced on the basis of a felony or misdemeanour. Contraventions are not taken into account as these are only rarely entered in the register of convictions. The conviction statistics has existed in its present form since 1984.

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The annual figures for adult and juvenile convictions. Detailed information is available on the laws and the individual offences.

Convicted persons

The annual number of convicted juveniles and adults recorded in the register of convictions. Details are available of the personal characteristics by offence.

Sanctions and pre-trial detention

Information on penalties and measures has been available since 1999 for minors and since 1984 for adults. Data are available for adults for pre-trial detention.


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