Juveniles placed on reference day

Since 2010, the number of minors in placement out of their families in Switzerland has been counted once a year (reference day). During the construction phase of the JUSAS database, these data were transmitted in aggregate form by the juvenile judges to the FSO to remedy the lack of data in this area. This is a snapshot of the number of minors in placement. These time series will be continued with data from JUSAS.

Key figures
  2020 2021
Total juveniles in placement on reference day 466 437
Proportion of men (as %) 90.5 90.0
Proportion of women (as %) 9.5 10.0
Aged up to 15 (as %) 10.9 12.1
16 and over (as %) 89.1 87.9
Data updated: 09.10.2020 Source: FSO - Reference day survey, juvenile detentions (SJS)
Juveniles placed under criminal law on reference day
  2020 2021
Total of juveniles in placement on reference day 466 437
Prior to sentencing 243 233
Precautionary protection measure 213 205

of which open custody

119 123

of which closed custody

58 53

of which institutional observation

36 29
Pre-trial detention/detention for security reasons 30 28
After sentencing 223 204
Protective measures 187 180

of which open custody

153 145

of which closed custody

34 30

detention for disciplinary reasons


Imprisonment 36 24
Data updated: 09.10.2020 Source: FSO - Reference day survey, juvenile detentions (SJS)

Information on juveniles in placement

The survey includes all persons aged 10 and over who committed an offence as a juvenile and who are placed under juvenile law outside of their families. Such external placements can be ordered by the court either as a preventive measure prior to sentencing or at the time of sentencing. Numbers are collected from the cantonal offices of the juvenile prosecutors.

(Out-of-home) placement as a precautionary protection measure

If the necessary education and treatment of juveniles cannot be otherwise guaranteed, the juvenile courts can impose a placement. Juveniles may be placed with private individuals or in an educational institution or treatment facility that can provide them with the educational or therapeutic help they need.

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