The Swiss Federal Statistical Office

Information is becoming more and more important in our increasingly complex world – for orientation, decision-making processes and future planning. Information influences the quality of action. Statistical information plays a key role in decisions – whether in politics (in parliaments, executive committees or referendums), in the economy or in everyday life. Statistics help ensure transparency in social and political discussions.

The FSO is Switzerland's national competence centre for official statistics. It produces and publishes statistical information on the status and development of the population, economy, society, education, research, territory and the environment. This information is used for opinion building among the population and for the planning and management of key policy areas. They make an important contribution to a modern, democratic state.

In order to keep up with the digitalisation of society, particularly the ever-increasing demand for readily available statistical information, the FSO has enhanced its offer. Since 2021, in addition to the production of statistical information, the FSO is also active in national data management (NaDB) and the development of a Data Science Competence Centre (DSCC).


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