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Consultations and services

In 2018, victim support services recorded 41,540 cases. 90% are victim or relative according to OHG-status and 10% AFZFG-status.

Indemnities and reparations

In 2018, people recognized as victims of an infraction received 1.3 million francs as compensation and for 4.7 million francs for moral damages.

The main figures

Victims of crime who contact support services for help or receive compensation from cantonal damages and compensation authorities. Assistance to victims includes consultations, emergency aid and longer-term aid from support services. Cantonal damages and compensation authorities can grant financial compensation and/or reparations.

NEW since 1st January 2017
Included are all victims who contact a consultation according to the new victim status AFZFG

Key figures on number of victims who contact a victim support service for help

Victim support
  2017 2018
Victim support 38 794 41 540
Support cases as %
Status of the person given support
Victim according to OHG 87.8 86.6
New victim status 8.9 10.3
Unknown 3.3 3.1
Gender of the person given support
Female 70.0 70.1
Age (at the time of the consultation)
Aged under 10 7.9 7.7
10-17 ans 9.4 9.6
18-29 ans 20.0 19.6
30-64 ans 46.1 45.8
Aged over 64 8.6 9.3
Number of perpetrators
Male perpetrator 75.3 74.5
Family relationship 45.1 43.6
Offences suffered2
Assault 48.4 47.6
Threats, coercion 30.8 31.8
Sexual integrity of children 11.6 11.0
Sexual assault, rape 11.0 11.5
Road accidents 6.1 5.7
Murder (incl. attempted) 2.5 2.4
With criminal proceedings
Yes 44.8 43.7
Data updated: 29.04.2019
2) multiple offences possible
Source: FSO - Victim support statistics

Key figures on requests by victims to cantonal authorities for compensation and reparations

Compensation and reparations
  2017 2018
Total 1 228 1 255
Positive decisions (as %) 53.3 52.0
Number 64 85
Total in CHF 1,000 1 265 1 269
Median in CHF 4 385 3 939
Number 621 628
Total in CHF 1,000 3 981 4 676
Median in CHF 3 500 3 500
Data updated: 29.04.2019 Source: FSO - Victim support statistics

Human trafficking

The internationally agreed definition of human trafficking is the “recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons for the purpose of exploitation”. “Exploitation” means the exploitation of a person for sexual purposes, forced labour or the removal of human organs. A distinction is made between human trafficking and human smuggling. The latter describes facilitated entry to another country against payment.

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