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Detained adults

On 31 January 2024, 6 881 adults were detained in a penal institution in Switzerland.

Penal institutions

On 31 January 2023, Switzerland's 89 penal institutions had 7 196 detention places, 89.6% of which were occupied.

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The annual survey of custodial sentences and the pre-trial detention of adults held in penal institutions (FHE) is conducted on the reference day (31 January).

Imprisonment on reference day
  2023 2024
Total prison population

6 445

6 881

Prisons (in operation)



Number of detention places

7 196

7 251

Occupancy rate (in %)



Data updated (FHE): 18.03.2024 Source: FSO - Imprisonment statistics (FHE)

The statistics on the execution of sanctions (SVS) provide information on all persons admitted to and released from a penal institution, on the length of imprisonment of convicted adults, as well as on the sentences, in penal institutions. It also includes information on community service, on electronic monitoring as well as on persons under probation assistance.

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Detained adults

Incarcerations, releases and length of stay for detained adults

Community service, electronic monitoring and probation assistance

Enforcement of penalties in the form of community service or under electronic monitoring, as well as under probation assistance

Penal institutions

The catalogue and map of penal institutions contains information on addresses, history, functions, capacity and personnel resources


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