Capital stock

Net non financial capital stock

In the national accounts, the wealth of a nation appears in the balance sheet, which encloses the existing macroeconomic information on financial and non-financial assets and liabilities of the different economic actors.

The net non financial capital stock measures the state of the fixed assets of an economy, that is the non financial wealth. In Switzerland, the fixed assets contained in the net non financial capital stock are buildings, works of civil engineering, machinery and equipments, cultivated assets, research and development as well as software.

Net non financial capital stock
Millions of Swiss francs, at prices of preceding year, base year = 2010 2017p Share in %
Construction, building 856 185 54.3
Construction, civil engineering 215 418 13.7
Transport equipment 68 444 4.3
Other machinery and equipment + Weapons systems 195 029 12.4
Computer, electronic and optical products 45 193 2.9
Electrical machinery and apparatus n.e.c. 42 410 2.7
Products of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture 2 517 0.2
Research and development 122 621 7.8
Computer and related services 29 626 1.9
Total 1 577 443 100
p: provisory Source : Swiss Federal Statistical Office, National Accounts

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