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The “Open Government Data Office” at the FSO is in charge of coordinating the operational implementation of Switzerland’s OGD Strategy 2019–2013 in close cooperation with the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). As Switzerland’s OGD centre of excellence, it is responsible for operating and developing the national reference platform, It supports and facilitates the publication of data and provides data publishers and users with advice on all matters related to OGD.

OGD Strategy 2019–2023

Government data that are open and freely accessible foster transparency, participation and innovation. To support and establish the use of OGD in the future, all newly published data from government offices will be made available as open government data from 2020. This data will be freely accessible and machine-readable and will gradually include other existing databases. This is one of the main objectives of the Open Government Data Strategy in Switzerland 2019–2023, approved by the Federal Council at its meeting of 30 November 2018.


In addition to the central OGD office, posts responsible for data will be designated in all federal departments, in several federal offices and in the Federal Chancellery who will support and encourage the strategy’s implementation within their spheres of influence.  The “Swiss eGovernment Forum” provides a platform where activities are coordinated together with the participating institutions of other state authorities and federal levels as well as other state-related enterprises.

Switzerland’s OGD Portal

The central, visible reference for the implementation of the OGD strategy is the portal, which lists all the Swiss government open data currently available and freely accessible. Over 70 data providers from the Confederation, cantons, communes and other state-related enterprises have referenced their published data here, subject to the same terms of use. Data collections such as health insurance premiums, population statistics or current weather data are available.

The OGD office’s activities and services

  • Promotion of a nationally coordinated data publication that should be as demand-led as possible
  • Definition of quality standards for publication as well as continual monitoring of compliance with requirements
  • Operation and development of the portal
  • Creation of an overview of the Confederation’s data (central catalogue “Data inventory of the Federal Administration Data”)
  • Promotion of data use, especially by strengthening connections between the various stakeholders
  • Supporting data providers with the publication of open government data (including by means of the opendata handbook)
  • Coordination of the Swiss initiative with international partners in the area of Open Government Data, such as the EU, OECD, OGD-D-A-CH-Li
  • Integration and development of showcases for OGD in the area of linked data, especially in relation to statistics, and other innovative technologies.

These activities supersede the “OGD Switzerland” project”.

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