Open Government Data Office

The implementation of the “Open Government Data” strategy comes under the responsibility of the FDHA and more specifically the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), which is home to the OGD unit. This unit coordinates the centralised and decentralised measures to implement the strategy and provides support to both data publisher and users.

OGD office staff

  • Maik Roth, Head
  • Maïlys Perrenoud, Communication officer
  • Michèle Spichtig, Data specialist
  • Isabelle Baber, IT project manager

The OGD office’s activities and services

  • Coordinate centralised and decentralised measures to implement strategy;
  • Define the requirements for the publication of Open Government Data and carries out continuous monitoring;
  • Supports the data publishing organisations (Federal offices, cantons, communes and other stakeholders publishing data on behalf of the Confederation or data of general public interest);
  • Promote a nationally coordinated data publication that should be as demand-led as possible;
  • Promote data use, in particular by strengthening connections between data publishers and users and by showcasing ways in which data can be used;
  • Coordinate Switzerland’s activities with national (cantons, communes, state enterprise, eGovernment Switzerland, eCH, and international partners (EU, OECD, OGD-D-A-CH-Li, etc.) in the field of Open Government Data.


Open Government Data Office Federal Statistical Office
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