Home moves

In 2022, 9.5% of the Swiss population moved home. Almost three-quarters of the people who moved did so within the same canton.

Mover rate by canton

In 2022, Basel-Stadt (12.1%) and Neuchâtel (10.6%) were the cantons whose population had the greatest tendency to move home. The cantons with the lowest mover rates were Appenzell Innerrhoden (7.9%) and Nidwalden (7.5%).

Mover rate by age

The Swiss population’s tendency to move home varies greatly by age. Persons aged between 20 and 35 are most likely to move home. In particular, more than a quarter of young people aged 25 moved home in 2022.

Home move and size of dwelling

Moving to a different sized dwelling is one of the main reasons for moving home. Almost three-quarters of people who moved home in 2022 moved to a bigger or smaller dwelling. 

Survey basis and explanations

The results of the Moving Statistics are based on data linking with the two register-based statistics – the Buildings and Dwellings Statistics (BDS) and the Population and Household Statistics (STATPOP). By assigning persons to residential buildings by means of the federal building indicator, it is possible to trace in which building a person lived at the beginning and end of a year and to deduce a possible move. Detailed information on the construction and definition of a home move, as well as the distinction between the Moving Statistics and the Statistics of Natural Population Change (BEVNAT) can be found on our French, German and Italian pages.


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