Local languages spoken in the family setting

This indicator provides information on the use of a local language in the family and private sphere. This can reveal the degree to which the local language is used beyond the public sphere and the workplace.

From an integration perspective, an increase in the share of people using at least one local language in the family setting indicates an improved situation.


Local language: is defined as the language predominantly spoken in the commune according to the state of the language regions in 2016.


This indicator measures the percentage of the permanent resident population aged 15 and over speaking a local language at home or with friends and family.

It is based on the following question from the structural survey: "What language(s) do you habitually speak at home/with your relatives? (more than one answer is possible)”. At home, the local languages considered are: Swiss German dialect, Italian, Ticino or Grisons Italian dialect, French and Rhaeto-Romansh.



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