The distribution of the national languages has seen moderate change over the past four decades. The proportions of German, Italian and Romansh spoken as people's main language(s) have fallen, whereas those of French and non-national languages have increased. English and Portuguese are the two non-national languages most frequently mentioned.

At a glance

Between 1970 and 2018, the share of people who indicated German (or Swiss German) as their main language(s) declined slightly from 66% to 62%. For Italian (or the Ticino dialect, Italo-grison) and Romansh, the share also fell from 11% to 8% and from 0.8% to 0.5% respectively. On the other hand, the share of people who indicated French rose from 18% to 23% over the same period. The share of people who indicated a non-national language increases sharply from 4% to 23%, mainly due to the possibility, as of 2010, of indicating several main languages.


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