Sense of threat

The figures below show to what extent the population feels threatened by groups perceived as being "foreign", and in which context this feeling is strongest.

In the three situations observed, the percentage of people who feel threatened by Swiss nationals is lower than the percentage of those who feel threatened by foreign nationals. The menace is felt to be greatest in the event of political conflict.

The percentage of the population that feels threatened is relatively low, regardless as to whether the threat is perceived to come from foreign nationals (12%) or Swiss nationals (4%). On the labour market, the percentage of persons who feel threatened by foreigners is 16% whereas the percentage of those feeling threatened by Swiss nationals is 9%. 63% feel threatened by foreigners in the event of political conflict and 40% by the Swiss.

Results broken down by nationality

Persons of Swiss nationality feel considerably more threatened by non-nationals than persons of foreign nationality do (15% compared with 4%). Conversely, persons of foreign nationality feel considerably more threatened by Swiss nationals than persons of Swiss nationality do (7% compared with 2%). It is only in the case of the perceived threat from Swiss nationals on the labour market that nationality does not have any impact on the results of both sub-groups.

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