Survey on diversity and coexistence in Switzerland


The presence of many social groups and a variety of affiliations is a feature of life in Switzerland. This diversity is enriching for a society but can also create challenges. Questions can arise on the acceptance, rejection and integration of certain groups of the population.


The survey on diversity and coexistence in Switzerland, complemented by its ad-hoc modules “Diversity”, aims to present an accurate picture of the issues raised by the coexistence of different groups currently living in Switzerland. It allows monitoring of trends in society in several areas such as racism, xenophobia, hostility – in particular towards Muslims, Black people and Jewish people – or discrimination. It provides answers to the following questions:

  • Are migrants well-integrated in Switzerland?
  • Should we be doing more or less?
  • Is racism a serious problem in Switzerland?  
  • How is the presence of foreigners perceived?   
  • Do prejudices against certain groups exist?  
  • Which groups are victims of discrimination?

The data collected are used to observe social change and to make detailed analyses and help to guide policies on integration and anti-discrimination.

Ad-hoc modules “Diversity” are carried out as complements to the main survey. Topics of such modules vary according to current needs.

Data and collected variables

For in-depth analysis, data from the survey are available upon request. The collected variables are presented in dynamic trees (see links below). One of them presents the thematic variables collected in the main survey. The other presents the sociodemographic key variables collected in the main survey and the ad-hoc modules. Those are standard SHAPE variables, harmonized with other FSO surveys.


Zusammenleben in der Schweiz


The findings help to feel the pulse of multicultural coexistence in Switzerland, revealing the attitudes and perceptions of its population. Figures for seven key areas provide - either directly or indirectly - information on questions of diversity, racism and integration.


Service for Combating Racism

The Service for Combating Racism systematically monitors and analyses the situation of social cohesion in Switzerland. It regularly reports on racist discrimination and the fight against it.

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