Diversity and coexistence in Switzerland

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Results 2018

The results of the 2018 survey will be available on the FSO website in March 2019. Indicators will be updated.

Collected variables

To discover the content of the survey on diversity and coexistence in Switzerland (VeS), check the dynamic tree which presents the collected variables.

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Results 2017

The results of the 2017 in-depth module on Black people living in Switzerland are available. Presentation via interactive graphics!

At a glance

Switzerland is characterized by the presence of multiple social groups and a diversity of affiliations. This diversity is enriching for society, but it can also create challenges. Questions relating to the acceptance, rejection and integration of certain groups may arise.

The survey on diversity and coexistence in Switzerland (VeS) aims to present a reliable picture of the issues raised by the coexistence of the different population groups currently living in the country. The findings provide information on the attitudes, opinions and perceptions of the population. Figures are presented in seven key areas that inform us - directly or indirectly - about aspects of diversity, racism and integration.

The survey

For more information on the objectives of the survey, the collected variables and the data, see the webpage survey.

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