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Decline in passenger transport

In the "Corona Year" 2020, a total of 111 billion person-kilometres were covered by road, rail and cable cars. That is 20% less than in 2019.

COVID-19-related special mobility analysis

How has the Covid 19 pandemic changed our mobility behaviour? Find here figures on distances covered, means of transport used, etc. (available in French and German)

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Key figures on mobility and transport
Change from 2000
Total costs1 of transport
CHF 94.9 billion
2018 ...
Road network length 84 114 km 2021 ...
Stock of passenger cars
4 688 235 2021 +32%
Average daily distance per person2 36.8 km
2015 +5%
Passenger transport performance3
110.8 billion person-km 2020 +9%
    Public transport share 17% 2020 +0 pp
Air passengers4 19.7 million 2021 –43%
Goods transport performance5
26.8 billion tonnes-km 2020 +14%
    Rail share 37%
2020 –6 pp
Persons killed in road traffic 227
2020 –62%
Transport's6 share of CO2 emissions 40% 2019 +4 pp
1) Road, rail and air transport, without human-powered mobility (on foot, by bike). Including non-material costs due to damage to environment and health as well as accidents
2) Distances inside Switzerland
3) Rail, road incl. human-powered mobility, cable cars
4) Local and transfer passengers in scheduled and charter flights
5) Rail and road. In combined transport calculated without the tare weight of the loaded road vehicles, containers and swap bodies (i.e. for rail: net tonne-kilometres)
6) Excl. international aviation
pp = percentage points
Sources: FSO – Goods transport statistics (GTS), Costs and funding of transport (CFT), Passenger transport performance (PV-L); FSO, ARE – Mobility and transport microcensus (MTMC); FSO, FEDRO – Stock of road motor vehicles (MFZ), Road length (STL); FSO, FOCA – Aviation, scheduled and charter flights (AVIA_LC); FEDRO, FSO – Road accidents (SVU); FOEN – Greenhouse gas inventory

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