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Around 63% of transport performance is carried out by road and 37% by rail. You can find the most important data on goods transport in Switzerland in the publication "Güterverkehr in der Schweiz/Le transport de marchandises en Suisse" (available in French and German).

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Have you been chosen to take part in the goods transport survey? Here you can find the internet questionnaire and all necessary information for this important survey.

The main figures

In Switzerland, the transport performance of goods transport by land (tonne-kilometres covered) increased by 16% between 2000 and 2017. Above all, this growth was seen in road transport. In transalpine goods traffic, rail's share remained quite stable over the same period. In 2017, it was 70%.

Key figures on goods transport
Goods transport performance
Transport performance in land transport (by road and rail) 27.3 billion tonne-km1 2017
    Change +16% 2000–2017
    Rail share 37% 2017
Heavy road goods vehicles (more than 3.5 t)
Transport performance share in road goods transport 95% 2017
Light road goods vehicles (up to 3.5 t)
Kilometre performance share in road goods transport 66% 2017
Transalpine goods transport (through Switzerland)
Quantity carried 38,9 million net tonnes 2017
    Rail share 70% 2017
Transalpine trips by heavy goods vehicles 0.95 million 2017
    Change –2% 2016–2017
1) In combined transport calculated without the tare weight of the loaded road vehicles, containers and swap bodies (i.e. for rail: net tonne-kilometres) Sources: FSO – Goods transport statistics (GTS); FOT, FEDRO – Transalpine goods transport

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Goods transport performance

Data on the tonne-kilometres and vehicle-kilometres covered by road and rail and the quantities of goods carried

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Data on the quantities transported and the number of journeys in transalpine goods transport by road and rail


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