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Comprehensive data collection on public transport (incl. rail goods transport)

In 2022, 21% of motorised passenger transport performance was carried out by public transport. The overall table for public transport offers you a comprehensive data collection on this important transport segment. This also includes rail goods transport. (Available in French and German.)

Civil aviation – in brief

The publication "Swiss civil aviation 2022" presents the most important data on civil aviation in Switzerland: ranging from airport infrastructure to the number of flight movements and passengers up to accidents.

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Here you can find detailed and pooled data on public transport and civil aviation as a cross-sectional topics.

Public transport and civil air transport figures can be found in various areas within the FSO topic "Mobility and transport" (e.g. costs, transport performance or accidents). The grouping together of these figures takes into account the fact that public transport and air transport are special units in terms of content and survey methodology and also accommodates the public's need for separately presented data.

Key figures on public transport
Transport performance in public passenger transport (rail, road and cable) 24.0 billion person-km 2022
    Change +46% 2000–2022
Share of public transport in passenger transport performance1 (modal split) 21% 2022
1) Land transport excl. human-powered mobility (on foot, by bike) Sources: FSO – Public transport statistics (TP), Passenger transport performance (PV-L)
Key figures on civil aviation
Aircraft movements1 1 344 397 2022
    Share of scheduled and charter traffic 26% 2022
Passengers2 44 208 105 2022
    Change –25% 2019–2022
    Change 26% 2000–2022
1) Including general aviation
2) Local and transfer passengers; including general aviation
Source: FSO, FOCA – Civil aviation statistics (AVIA_ZL);

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Public transport

Annual data on public transport and quarterly data on rail transport: infrastructure, transport performance, accidents, etc.

Civil aviation

Annual data on civil aviation: flight movements, passengers, freight, etc.


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