Civil aviation

The Swiss civil aviation statistic takes into consideration Switzerland's entire civil aviation. In addition to scheduled and charter flights, it also covers general aviation. This includes commercial and private business travel, sightseeing flights, transport flights, sport flights etc. In addition to data on aeroplanes, data are also shown for other aircraft as helicopters, motor gliders, gliders or airships.

In total there were 1.4 million take-offs and landings in civil aviation in 2019 and 59 million local and transfer passengers. While two thirds (66%) of these take-offs and landings were for general aviation, scheduled and charter flights had far greater passenger volumes with a share of almost 99%.

You can find annual and quarterly data specifically on scheduled and charter flights on the webpage:

Key figures on civil aviation in 2019
Registered aircraft
3 211
    of which aeroplanes (excl. motor gliders) 1 730
Aircraft movements (takeoffs and landings) 1 390 017
    Change from 2000 –16%
    Share of scheduled and charter traffic
    Share of general aviation traffic
Local and transfer passengers 59 144 639
    Change from 2000 +68%
    Share of scheduled and charter traffic
    Share of general aviation traffic
Persons killed (in accidents) 11
    of which passengers 3
1) Measured against a threshold of 60 dB(A)
2) Year 2006
Sources: FSO – FSO, FOCA – Civil aviation statistics (AVIA_ZL); FOEN – GIS Noise database of Switzerland sonBase; STSB – Aviation accident statistics

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