Civil aviation

In 2020, a year strongly marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Swiss civil aviation (scheduled and charter flights and general aviation) recorded in total 1.1 million aircraft movements (take-offs and landings) and 16.9 million passengers. This represents a decrease of 24% of movements and even of 71% of passengers compared to the previous year.

General aviation with mostly smaller aircraft accounted for the majority of flight movements in 2020, namely 84%. In contrast, scheduled and charter traffic dominated passenger volumes with a share of 97% (corresponding to 16.5 million passengers).

Timely evaluations of scheduled and charter traffic (annual and quarterly data) can be found here:

Key figures on civil aviation in 2020
Registered aircraft
3 181
    of which aeroplanes (excl. motor gliders) 1 723
Aircraft movements (takeoffs and landings) 1 052 163
    Change from 2019 –24%
    Share of scheduled and charter traffic
166 758
    Share of general aviation traffic
885 405
Local and transfer passengers 16 922 270
    Change from 2019 –71%
    Share of scheduled and charter traffic
16 457 821
    Share of general aviation traffic
464 449
Persons killed (in accidents) 8
    of which passengers 4
1) Measured against a threshold of 60 dB(A)
2) Year 2006
Sources: FSO – FSO, FOCA – Civil aviation statistics (AVIA_ZL); FOEN – GIS Noise database of Switzerland sonBase; STSB – Aviation accident statistics

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