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How long are Switzerland’s roads?

Discover here the exact figures on the length of the road network for the whole Switzerland, your canton or commune (in French and German).

Current figures on new vehicle registrations

The monthly statistic on newly registered road vehicles shows the latest developments.

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The Swiss transport infrastructure encompasses 84 868 km of road (2023), 5317 km of railway track (2020) plus 14 national and regional airports (2022). It is used by a wide variety of vehicles. In 2023, more than 6.4 million motor vehicles travelled on the roads, 4.8 million of which were cars.

Key figures on transport infrastructure and vehicles
Infrastructure and network length
Rail network length 5 317 km 2020
Road network length 84 868 km 2023
    of which motorways
1 549 km 2023
National and regional airports 14 2022
Tractive railway vehicles 3 426 2020
Stock of road motor vehicles (excl. mopeds) 6 445 122 2023
    Change +41% 2000–2023
    Passenger cars 4 760 948 2023
        New registrations of passenger cars 229 403 2022
Aircraft1 3 134 2022
Pleasure and sport vessels2 96 923 2023
1) Fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, powered gliders, gliders, free balloons, airships
2) Motor, sailing, rowing boats etc.
Sources: FSO – Public transport statistics (TP); FSO, FEDRO – New registrations of road vehicles (IVS), Stock of road vehicles (MFZ); FSO, FEDRO, swisstopo – Road length (STL); FSO, FOCA – Civil aviation statistics (AVIA_ZL); Swiss association of the registration offices – Number of vessels

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Data on the length of the rail and road network, parking areas, aerodromes and oil pipelines


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