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Transport costs and funding report

What are the total costs generated by transport in Switzerland? How are these incurred? Who foots the bill? The transport costs and funding report provides detailed answers to these and other questions (available in French and German).

Road infrastructure account 2014

The road infrastructure account compares public sector income from motorised road transport with road infrastructure costs (available in French and German).

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The total costs for transport in Switzerland (by road, rail, air) are surveyed every five years. In 2010 they amounted to CHF 93.5 billion. Of this, CHF 72.8 billion was accounted for by passenger transport and CHF 20.7 billion by goods transport. In addition to expenditure on transport and transport infrastructure, these figures also include the cost of accidents and costs for transport-related damage to the environment and health.

Motorised road transport and rail transport made up the largest transport volumes. For this reason, the costs of these forms of transport are also measured in the years between the main surveys. In 2014 the total costs of motorised road transport were seven times higher than those of rail transport (CHF 75.0 billion compared with CHF 10.5 billion).

Key figures on costs and funding of transport
Total costs1 of road, rail and air transport CHF 93,5 bn 2010
Passenger transport share 78% 2010
Goods transport share 22% 2010
Share of funding borne by transport users 85% 2010
CHF 77,6 bn
Motorised transport CHF 75,0 bn
Human-powered mobility (on foot, by bike) CHF 5,9 bn 2010
Rail   CHF 10,5 bn 2014
Aviation CHF 6,4 bn 2010
1) Incl. non-material costs due to damage to environment and health as well as accidents Sourse: FSO – Statistics on the costs and funding of transport (CFT)

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