Work schedule (night, weekend, on call)

In 2022, 8.3% of employees (excluding apprentices) worked on-call. This form of work is most common among employed persons of retirement age and among those aged 15 to 24 (27.7% and 15.5%). Women work on-call slightly more often than men (9.6% compared with 7.0%).

Almost one in four employed persons (excluding apprentices) regularly works on Saturdays and one in six regularly works on Sundays (26.5% and 15.8%). Weekend work also often takes place among persons of retirement age (Saturdays: 32.6%; Sundays: 18.2%) and among those aged 15 to 24 (Saturdays: 32.7%; Sundays: 19.3%). Women are more likely than men to work on weekends (Saturdays: 29.5% compared with 23.9%; Sundays: 17.6% compared with 14.1%).

Furthermore, 16.7% of employed persons (excluding apprentices) regularly work evenings, i.e. between 7pm and midnight, and 5.6% of employed persons regularly work nights, i.e. they work between midnight and 6am. While women work evenings slightly more often (17.6% compared with 15.9% among men), men are more likely to work nights than women (6.1% of men compared with 5.0% of women).

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