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Shift workers in Switzerland 2002–2022

Shift workers in Switzerland 2002–2022

The publication examines the development of shift work in Switzerland and in European comparison. In addition, it examines the characteristics and health status of shift workers, differentiating between shift models.

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Non-standard forms of employment

Non-standard forms of employment 2010-2020

The publication discusses non-standard forms of employment (for example fixed short-term contracts, part-time work with low work-time percentage, employees via (and paid by) temporary recruitment services), with the focus on socio-demographic and work-related factors and in comparison over time.

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Work schedule (night, weekend, on call)

Type of weekly hours, non-standard work, weekend work, evening work, night work, flexible working hours, on-call work, shift work

Place of work, teleworking

Homeworking, telecommuting

Quality of employment

Selection of indicators on the quality of employment

Internet-mediated platform services

Internet-mediated platform work, online accommodation letting and sale of goods


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