Methodological aspects

Presentation of methods and tools of the indicator system MONET

The principles of sustainable development

The principles are a concrete expression of the term "sustainable development". As such, they provide a frame of reference for describing our society's progress towards sustainable development. From 2003 to 2019, the MONET system was based on these principles. Each indicator had to derive directly from at least one principle. They have been partially replaced in this function by the 2030 Agenda’s targets translated into the Swiss context. At present, only indicators relating to themes specific to Switzerland and not covered by the 2030 Agenda are linked to one of the principles. The construction of the principles, initially called postulates, is described in the document below.

The principles are organized according to the three qualitative objectives of "social solidarity", "economic efficiency" and "ecological responsibility", and divided into 20 areas.

Principles concerning social solidarity

Principles concerning economic efficiency

Principles concerning ecological responsibility

The principles are available in PDF format below.

Explanation of evaluation symbols

Each MONET 2030 system indicator is accompanied by three symbols:

Targeted trends
The first symbol describes the targeted trend according to the objectives of sustainable development. These objectives are the 2030 Agenda sustainable development goals (SDGs) and its targets adapted to the Swiss context, principles of sustainable development and quantified objectives with set deadlines.


Observed trends
The second symbol describes the observed trend based on the trend calculated for the period under analysis, generally since 2000, or since the date of the first survey if it was conducted after 2000, as well as the last value available.

No marked change

Assessment of the observed trend in relation to targeted trend
The third symbol is derived from a comparison of the first two and makes it possible to assess the observed trend. The observed trend is positive if it corresponds to the targeted trend, negative if the opposite is the case and unchanged if the trend variation ranges between +3% and -3%.

Monet plus
MONET no evaluation
No assessment
MONET negatif
MONET almost equal

Detailed explanations are available in PDF format below.

Overview of the state of the art in assessing indicators

This handbook provides an overview of the current state of the art in the domain of indicator-based assessment of sustainable development in Europe.


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