Sexualised violence

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The articles of the Swiss Criminal Code (SCC) are available for recording sexualised violence in the police crime statistics (PCS). The term sexualised violence includes offences that involve violence and in particular sexual acts that are threatened, forced or imposed on a minor or adult without their explicit consent and against their will.

Sexualised violence can take place in different forms and contexts. It also includes, among other things, the aspect of exploiting dependency and the exercise of power and dominance.

In the analyses on sexualised violence, the following offences of the Swiss Criminal Code are considered:

  • Art. 187 Sexual acts with children
  • Art. 188 Sexual acts with dependent persons
  • Art. 189 Indecent assault
  • Art. 190 Rape
  • Art. 191 Sexual acts with persons incapable of judgement or resistance
  • Art. 192 Sexual acts with persons in institutional care, prisoners and persons on remand
  • Art. 193 Exploitation of a person in a position of need or dependency
  • Art. 194 Indecent conduct
  • Art. 195 Encouraging prostitution
  • Art. 196 Sexual acts with minors against payment
  • Art. 198 Sexual harassment

The offence of pornography, Art. 197 SCC, is depicted in the evaluations on digital crime.

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