Domestic violence

Since the revision of the police crime statistics (PCS) in 2009, detailed statistical information is available on domestic crimes reported to the police as well as on the victims and persons charged.

From a statistical point of view violence in a closed social environment is not defined by legal provisions but is derived from the relationship between the defendant and the victim. For these criminal offences, cantonal police authorities record the nature of the relationship at the time of the incident between the defendant and victim. If the relationship between the defendant and victim is an ongoing or former partnership, a parent-child relationship or another relationship within the family, the offences reported by the police are be assigned to domestic violence.

Domestic offences reported to the police

In 2022, 19 978 domestic offences were reported and registered by the police. Compared with the previous year this represents an increase of 3,3% (+637 offences).

Share of domestic violence in violence registered by the police

As the PCS’s overall definition of violence does not coincide with that of domestic violence, the share of domestic violence in violence registered by the police can only be established based on domestic offences reported by the police. In 2021 this share was 38%.

Relationship between victim and defendant

The following graphic shows that in 2021, 51% of the 19 341 offences of domestic violence recorded by the police, occurred in an existing and 27% in a former partnership. Table "Domestic violence: Domestic offences reported to the police by relationship" shows the distribution across the different offences by relationship.

Severe violence: victims and defendants of completed homicide

In the PCS the following SCC articles are grouped together under homicide: art. 111, intentional homicide, art. 112 murder, art. 113 manslaughter and art. 116 infanticide.

In 2022, 25 people of whom 18 were female, died from domestic violence. 56% of the 25 homicides took place in an existing partnership. The 25 completed homicides were carried out by 25 defendants, of whom 20 were male.

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