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Energy sector

The energy sector provides information on heating systems and energy sources in residential buildings.

Building categories

More than half of all residential buildings are single-family houses.

Residential building owners

Data on the type of ownership from the land register indicate who owns the Swiss residential building stock.


Data from the buildings and dwellings statistics are also available in hectometre resolution (only available in French and German).

At a glance

One of the aims of the buildings and dwellings statistics is to quantify and analyse the stock of residential buildings on an annual basis. Characteristics such as the number of storeys, the period of construction and heating data are collected. It is an exhaustive survey, made on the basis of the federal buildings and dwellings register, but it only covers residential buildings.

Buildings in Switzerland


At the end of 2022, the housing stock in Switzerland comprised 1.8 million residential buildings. Almost half of all buildings (49%) are situated in the five most population cantons, i.e. Zurich, Bern, Vaud, Aargau and St.Gallen.

Residential buildings in the cantons, 2022
  absolute as %
1,785,321   100.0
Zurich 227,835   12.8
Bern 238,956   13.4
Lucerne 70,220   3.9
Uri 10,275   0.6
Schwytz 32,306   1.8
Obwalden 9,497   0.5
Nidwalden 8,042   0.5
Glarus 14,002   0.8
Zug 16,325   0.9
Fribourg 74,140   4.2
Solothurn 70,481   3.9
Basel-Stadt 23,793   1.3
Basel-Landschaft 67,665   3.8
Schaffhausen 19,469   1.1
Appenzell Ausserrhoden 16,369   0.9
Appenzell Innerrhoden 5,319   0.3
St. Gallen 115,089   6.4
Graubünden 73,158   4.1
Aargau 154,784   8.7
Thurgau 66,836   3.7
Ticino 114,039   6.4
Vaud 137,797   7.7
Valais 118,731   6.7
Neuchâtel 31,484   1.8
Geneva 45,244   2.5
Jura 23,465   1.3
Source: FSO Buildings and dwellings statistics

In 1990, the housing stock in Switzerland comprised 1.3 million residential buildings. In 2022, this had increased by roughly a third.

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