Migration trajectories

The Longitudinal demographic statistics (DVS) are longitudinal statistics based on the population data from STATPOP. They start on 31.12.2010 and comprise all people in the permanent and non-permanent resident population who have appeared at least once in STATPOP’s inventory or demographic movements. The DVS end with the latest available STATPOP data and are thus completed and fully updated every year. For this reason, it should be noted that numbers from the DVS may vary from those of
STATPOP. For the annual population numbers of the permanent and non-permanent resident population, the annually published results of STATPOP are final. Explanations for the DVS methodology can be found in the document «Produktionsregeln und Ergebnisse» (in German and French).

Almost 10.7 million entries of persons were counted up to 2020. Between 2011 and 2020, three-quarters of these persons (76%) neither immigrated nor emigrated.

50% of the Swiss nationals who emigrated in 2011 had returned to Switzerland by 2020; two-thirds of them had already done so in the first three years following their emigration. Among foreign nationals in the same period, the rate of return was 17%. Foreign nationals born in Switzerland are more likely to return than those born abroad.

In 2011 some 223 000 persons migrated to Switzerland. Of these, more than half (52%) had re-emigrated by 2020.

Primarily, the Longitudinal demographic statistics provide individual data enabling longitudinal indicators in the area of population to be calculated and updated. Biography and cohort analyses are thus made possible without prior preparation of the annually available data from STATPOP. The migration trajectories are the first module within the framework of these statistics.

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