Reasons for migration

People migrate for many reasons: the causes can be political, economic, social, cultural or climate-related, etc. In addition, the causes are often closely intertwined. For this reason, it is important to understand the reasons why populations undertake international migrations in order to analyze the movements.

In 2017, 43% of the permanent resident population aged 15 to 74 and born abroad said that they immigrated to Switzerland for family reasons. 32% of the above-mentioned population came to Switzerland for professional reasons. The next two reasons most mentioned are asylum (6%) and studies (5%). There are no significant differences between these two reasons. 12% mentioned other reasons.

Further information



Percentage of the population aged 15 to 74 born abroad who immigrated to Switzerland by main reason for their latest migration:

- Professional reasons;

- Family reasons;

- Asylum;

- Studies;

- Other reasons: quality of health/care system, tax reasons, social network in Switzerland (without relatives), other reasons. 



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