Road infrastructure account

The road infrastructure account provides detailed data on the costs and funding of public road infrastructure:

Road infrastructure account, 2021
Road infrastructure costs1 borne by the public authorities
Total infrastructure costs1, 2 CHF 9.0 billion
    Change since 2010 –2.4%
Infrastructure costs1 due to motorised road traffic CHF 7.7 billion
    Change since 2010 –3.7%
Road revenue of public authorities
Revenue from motorised road traffic CHF 8.5 billion
    Change since 2010 –3.0%
Degree of coverage of infrastructure costs
Degree of coverage of motorised road traffic infrastructure costs 110%
1) Costs according to the capital account: unlike the expenditure account, investments in road infrastructure are amortised over several years.
2) Motorised road traffic, pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic, agricultural traffic
Source: FS0 – Road infrastructure account (STR)

How does the road infrastructure account differ from the total costs?

Unlike the total costs or road transport, the road infrastructure account does not take into consideration the costs of means of transport, nor the costs of accidents and damage to the environment and health caused by road traffic. The costs of building and maintaining private roads and spaces are also not taken into account.


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