Costs and funding of road transport

Motorised road transport

In 2020, motorised road transport generated total costs of CHF 76.3 billion (2010: 70.6 billion), of which 74% for passenger transport and 26% for goods transport. Vehicle acquisitions and operations accounted for 64% of the total costs.

Most of the costs of motorised road transport (86%) were borne by transport users themselves. However, CHF 8.2 billion in accident, environmental and health costs had to be borne by the community.

Costs and funding of motorised road transport, 2020
Total costs 1  CHF 76.3 billion
Change since 2010 +8%
    Share of private passenger transport 68%
    Share of public passenger transport 5%
    Share of goods transport
Transport users' share of funding 86%
1) Including the intangible costs of environmental and health damage and accidents Source: FSO – Statistics on the cost an funding of transport (CFT)

Private expenditure on passenger cars

In 2020, a passenger car cost its owner an average of CHF 7997 over the year as a whole. This equates to around 70 centimes per kilometre travelled. This figure includes the acquisition cost spread over the vehicle's useful life. At 35%, the latter accounted for more than a third of annual expenditure and was thus the largest item of expenditure. Garage and parking costs followed at 22%, ahead of motor fuel costs at 15%.

Active mobility (walking, cycling)

The cost of active mobility (walking and cycling) can only be estimated approximately and may only be compared with the cost of motorised transport with some reservation. The main reason for this is that many accidents of this kind are not recorded because they are not reported to the police.

According to the data available, the total costs of pedestrian mobility in 2015 were around CHF 4.7 billion, and those of cycling CHF 5.7 billion. Most of these costs are linked to accidents.

Costs and funding of active mobility, 2015
  Pedestrians1 Bicycles2
Total costs in CHF billion 4.7 
Change since 2010 –6% +5%
Transport users' share of funding 86% 90%
Shares by cost category
13% 8%
Means of transport 0% 10%
Accidents involving a vehicle 23% 81%
Accidents not involving a vehicle 63% *
Environment and health 1% 1%
1) Includes travel by roller skates, skateboards, scooters, etc.
2) Includes slow electric bicycles
* Not indicated because not applicable
Source: FSO – Statistics on the cost an funding of transport (CFT)

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