Household expenditure

The expenditure of private households in Switzerland is presented here in detailed tables containing more than 500 indicators structured along five hierarchical levels.

These tables allow a more precise understanding and analysis of the aggregate overview tables.

For instance, the aggregate "food" contains categories like "bread", "beef" or "apples".

Tables with indicators on consumed quantities of food and beverages, and fuels are also available.

Detailed expenditure by household characteristics

The indicators presented above, which are means over all households in Switzerland, give a good insight into the average expenditure in Switzerland. Yet these numbers don't illustrate variations due to household composition, income situation or other dimensions.

Separate tables for different subgroups can show those variations. However, due to the rather small annual HBS sample size (3416 households in 2021), tables for subgroups are only available based on a pooled sample of three years.

Detailed tables on expenditure are available split into the following subgroups (downloadable EXCEL file in French, also available in German and Italian):

Additionally, there are detailed tables for the following household types (combined with other dimensions):

Complete table series with detailed household expenditure

The tables above are also available in one EXCEL file as complete sets for each three-year pooled sample (in French, available in German or Italian as well):

Further information


These tables in French are also available in German or Italian.


This publication in French (no. 1088-1100) presenting the HBS 2011 results is also available in German or Italian.

This publication in French (no. 014-0304) on the HBS weighting model is also available in German.

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