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The Household Budget

The income and expenditure of private households in Switzerland are presented here in the form of overview tables of the household budget. Detailed tables on expenditure are additionally available as well as tables on consumed quantities.

Debt Situation

The results about the debt situation are based on a module of the SILC survey. These describe the debt situation of people living in households in Switzerland. The module only tests the presence or not of debt, and does not ask about its volume.

At a glance

Description Indicator Source
Share of housing expenditure 13.9% of gross income HBS 2021
Share of compulsory expenditure 31.5% of gross income HBS 2021
Average savings
1'710 francs per month per household HBS 2021
Share of the population living in a household with at least one tax arrear
5.5% of the total population SILC 2022

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These tables in French are also available in German or Italian.



This publication in French (nr. 1088-1700) presenting the HBS 2011 results is also available in German or Italian.

This publication (nr. 1418-1400-5) on the wealth situation of the private households is only available in German.

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