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The pocket statistics provide concise data, facts and figures on Swiss agriculture, on the food chain and on nutrition.

From grass to milk

Dairy farming and milk production constitute the most important branch of agriculture in Switzerland. In 2011, some 590,000 cows on 32,000 farms produced over 4 million tonnes of milk. In terms of consumption of milk and milk products, the population is consuming less milk but more cheese.

At a glance

The food supply chain describes the different processes from raw material production in agriculture and fishing to processing and from retail to the food on consumers' tables. The statistics contain data on structures, production, retail and consumption as well as on financial aspects. Time series allow the development of important key figures to be shown over several years.

According to the constitution, the Confederation shall ensure the reliable provision of the population with foodstuffs; in light of the growing population this is a demanding task. The consumption per capita – in terms of the energy value of food – is largely stable. But as far as our eating habits are concerned, a clear change can be seen. Milk and meat consumption, for example, has fallen in comparison with the 1980s. Poultry consumption, on the other hand, continues to rise.

Food consumption, 2016
  in kg per head
Milk and dairy products 240.9
Fruit 115.9
Vegetables 102.7
Cereals 87.8
Meat 49.2
Potatoes 47.4
Wine 32.5
2016: provisional Source: SFU – Food balance sheet

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