Economic and satellite accounts for the primary sector

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Economic accounts for agriculture 2017

In 2017, Swiss agriculture is once again expected to generate a gross value added of around CHF 4 billion, a slight increase of 0.6% compared with the previous year. While orchards and vineyards have been affected by the frost, harvests have been far better than in 2016. Animal production and production costs have remained stable.

Economic accounts for forestry

Forests cover 30% of Switzerland's territory, with a volume of standing timber of over 430 million m3. 54% of this stock of living trees could be used while covering the operating costs, representing a potential value of CHF 5.8bn in 2016.

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The system of primary sector economic and satellite accounts comprises the key economic figures from Swiss agriculture, forestry and fishery. Times series at national and cantonal level provide information on output, income, investments and much more.

The methodology framework used for the economic and satellite accounts for the primary sector is identical to that used for the National Accounts. The system of economic and satellite accounts for the primary sector is comprised of various modules. Here we present the five most important accounts.

Primary sector value added , 2016 (at current prices, in CHF million)
Primary sector gross value added1 4 354

Agricultural gross value added2

3 975

Forestry gross value added1


Fishing and fish farming gross value added1

1 Estimate; establishment perspective
2 Estimate; small agricultural units included; establishment perspective
Source: FSO - Economic an satellite accounts for the primary sector

Agriculture generates the majority of primary sector value added, followed by forestry and finally by fishing and fish farming.

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