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Switzerland had 51 620 farms in 2017 and 1.05 million hectares of total utilised agricultural area. 153 864 jobs were counted in agriculture.

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Animal production - plant production

Most farms keep animals. Milk and meat are the main products. 

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The agricultural statistics show changes in the number of farms, jobs, utilised areas, livestock and other data. Time series allow the development of important key figures to be shown over several years.

According to the constitution, the Confederation shall ensure that the agricultural sector, by means of a sustainable and market oriented production policy, makes an essential contribution towards the reliable provision of the population with foodstuffs, the conservation of natural resources and the upkeep of the countryside and the decentralised population settlement of the country. Agriculture has multifunctional tasks.

It is undergoing structural change: this can be seen in a decline in the number of farms and jobs, an increase in the size of farms, changes in livestock data and the way farms are run in general.

Structure of farms
  2018p Total 2017 of which organic
Farms 51 620 6 638
Farm workers 153 864 20 590
Utilised agricultural area (ha) 1 045 596 1 046 109 151 404
Average utilised agricultural area per farm (ha)   20   23
Cattle 1 544 796 1 544 612 186 831
Pigs 1 419 198 1 444 591 33 984
Source: FSO – Farm structure survey
Last update: 23.01.2019

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