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The information below only concern the Business and Enterprise Register.

For statistical data about enterprises, please consult the structural business statistics STATENT (only available in German, French or Italian)

As of December 1, 2018, the Business and Enterprise Register re-engineering project was concluded. The data contained in the register has been migrated to the new SBER (Swiss Business and Enterprise Register) application.

This project brought two main changes:

  1. Units that have been deleted for more than 10 years (i.e. before 31.12.2008) have not been migrated to the new SBER application but have been archived.
  2. The status of the units has been adapted to facilitate the reading of the statutes. Thus, the statutes "inactive" and "fictive" have been deleted and two new statutes have been introduced:

- Active statistical status: the statistical status of a unit is related to the existence (potential or actual) of surveys and statistics that observe that unit.

- Active administrative status: the administrative status of a unit is related to its existence exclusively in registers or administrative partners that observe that unit.

On January 1st, 2024 the BER contains 762'273 statistic active local units.

Number of units in BER

Enterprises and local units

  Entreprises Local units
Statistical active 677'812 762'273
Administrative active 452'024 127'950
Unknown 76'335 79'239
Ceased 959'344 904'724
Total 2'165'515 1'874'186

Main legal units and branches


Legal units


Legal units


Adminitrative active 1'206'171 14'270
Ceased 959'344 11'553
Total 2'165'515 25'823

Data on the number of units in the BER are regularly updated and posted on this page.

Status of the enterprise units

Statistical active: At least one local unit has the statistical status active.

Unknown: New enterprise/reactivation, it is not know if there is any person employed, its final status, i.e. whether it participates in statistical activities or has an administrative existence only, is not yet known.

Ceased: Ceased entity, this implies the cessation of all units.

Administrative active: Entity that has a purely administrative existence.


Status of the local units

Statistical active: Any local unit active in a type of statistical universe.

Unknown: New local unit/registered takeover, its final status, i. e. whether it has a participation in statistical activities or whether it has a purely administrative existence, is not yet known.

Ceased: Ceased entity.

Administrative active: Any existing unit.


Status of the legal units

The status of the legal units is in line with that used in the UID register.

Administrative active: Any existing unit in an official register.


  • For all legal forms that are required to be registered in the Commercial Register (CR): if the unit is deleted from the CR.
  • If it has had at least one relationship with a registry or partner and all relationships are ceased.


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