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The information below only concern the Business and Enterprise Register.

For statistical data about enterprises, please consult the structural business statistics STATENT (only available in german, french or italian)

On September 3, 2018 the BER contains 916'946 active local units.

Number of units in BER




Legal Unit






Active 1'155'715 11'869 783'224 916'946
Inactive 25'248 197 200'889 230'800
Cessation 1'086'082 13'865 1'056'084 1'460'890
Unknown * * 92'413
Fictive * * 104'435
Total 2'237'045 25'931 2'237'45 3'744'375

Data on the number of units in the BR are regularly updated and posted on this page.

Status of units (economic):

  • active (includes units with person employed above the compulsory threshold for enterprise statistics from AVS data, units with personnel below the AVS threshold or active administrative units where it is not possible to determine the employment)
  • inactive (existing local unit without person employed, "enterprise mailbox", or real estate company or a dormant unit, or a local of business without a permanent job or a unit which ceased activity but the legal unit is still active, if a warehouse, in the case of an investment company or financial (Special purpose entity - SPE)
  • cessation
  • unknown (new enterprise / reactivation, it is not know if there is any person employed)
  • fictive (administrative unit, local unit legal in relationship with the legal unit)


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