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BER Assessment by Eurostat

The Business and Enterprise Register (BER) follows the Eurostat conceptual model for business registers, with its definitions of statistical units: Local unit, Legal unit, Enterprise and Enterprise group. This model is part of a set of regulations harmonizing the European infrastructure for business statistics.

In this context, the Business and Enterprise Register (BER) produces every year a quality report for Eurostat, covering the concepts and methodological processes of the BER and its participation in the EuroGroups register. Part of this report can be found under Quality reports.

Quality Assessment

Based on this report, Eurostat produces an assessment of the statistical business register in order to measure the quality of the register. Over the last 3 years, the BER has been evaluated as follows:

Year Assessment* Points
2021 « Acceptably compliant » 90
2020 « Acceptably compliant » 90
2019 « Acceptably compliant » 91
2018 « Acceptably compliant » 84
*The assessment can be "not compliant", "acceptably compliant" or "fully compliant". It is based on 8 aims. Each aim is weighted and - in the case of full compliance - the EU or EFTA Member State obtains a total of 100 points and the distinction "fully compliant".

Below you will find an extract from the latest quality assessment of the BER, including the eight aims and the evaluation grid.



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