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Stand und Entwicklung der Bevölkerung

Switzerland's population in 2020

Discover how the population of Switzerland has grown from 2.4 millions in 1850 to 8.7 millions today.

Diversity and coexistence in Switzerland

The survey aims to present a picture of the issues raised by the coexistence of different groups currently living in Switzerland.

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Current situation and change

Age, civil status, nationality, households, population change, spatial distribution

Population projections

Population scenarios 2020-2050: national and cantonal projections, household projections

Births and deaths

Births and fertility, deaths and mortality, first names of newborns and population, adoptions, life expectancy

Migration and integration

Foreign population, place of birth, migration status, international migration, acquisition of citizenship, integration, diversity and coexistence, Swiss living abroad

Marriages, registered partnerships, divorces

Marriages and nuptiality, divorces and divortiality, registered and dissolved partnerships

Languages and religions

Distribution of national languages and religious landscape in Switzerland

Ageing of the population

Ageing factors and centenarians in Switzerland


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