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Stand und Entwicklung der Bevölkerung

Current situation and change

The population of Switzerland has more than doubled since 1900: it has grown from 3.3 million to 8.5 million inhabitants today. Population growth peaked between 1961 and 1963 with annual average growth rates of over 2.4%. From 2017, the growth rate is significantly lower and falls below the threshold of 1%.

At a glance

Key population and private household figures
Total 8 544.5
   Swiss nationals 6 396.3
   Foreign nationals 2 148.3
Youth dependency ratio (as a %) 32.5
Old-age dependency ratio (as a %) 30.0
Spatial distribution
   Urban core area 5 380.4
   Area influenced by urban cores 1 861.2
   Area beyond urban core influence                            1 303.0
Population growth (as a %) 0.7
Swiss nationals abroad 760.2
  One-person households 1 340.6
  Family households with children 1 268.0
Average size of the private households (number of persons) 2.23
Youth dependency ratio = the number of 0-19 year-olds in relation to the working age population (20-64 year-olds)

Old-age dependency ratio = the number of people aged 65 and over in relation to the working age population (20-64 year-olds)
Sources: FSO – STATPOP, SE, SE-Stat

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