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The Swiss Earnings Structure Survey (ESS) is a survey carried out every two years among private and public enterprises and administrations in Switzerland. It allows a regular description to be made of the earnings structure in all economic activities of the secondary and tertiary sectors based on representative data. It not only enquires after the economic activity and the size of the enterprise concerned, but also the individual characteristics of employees and their jobs.

Wage levels vary according to both individual and job-related characteristics. These include age, education and training, work permit and work-time percentage. Find out here how high the wage level is within the individual characteristics.

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Gross monthly wage by the degree of employment and gender, 2022, private and public sectors combined
   Total Women Men
TOTAL 6 788 6 397 7 066
Full-time (90% or more) 6 862 6 317 7 094
Part-time (75% - 89%) 6 961 6 776 7 333
Part-time (50% - 74%) 6 516 6 524 6 492
Part-time (25% - 49%) 5 895 5 911 5 833
Part-time (less than 25%) 5 633 5 541 6 000

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